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Erosion, Dust and Stormwater Controls - BMPs
Hydraulic Applications Tackifier and Soil Polymers Rolled BMPs Blankets & Mats Sediment Controls & Fasteners
HydraMatriCx® Corn Dextrin C-125 BN Coir logs - imported
HydraCX2 ® DuraTak™ Coir blankets Coir Logs - made in USA
HydraCM™ Dust Controls Coir Netting Dewatering Bags
GeoSkin XT® Flocculants Double Sided Blankets Di Bags
GeoSkin® Guar Excelsior Inlet Filters
Green Choice® Hold Fast™ Fiber Rolls Rock Bags
BFM / PFSM / AFM Hold Tite™ Jute Netting Sand Bags
Compost PolyLock 50™ Perm EC Blankets SedimentSTOP®
Fertilizer Blends PadLock™ Plastic Sheeting Silt Fence - Staked
Dyes PAM-AG Poly Fiber blankets Silt Fence - Wire Backed
Excelsior Plantego Single Sided Blankets Straw Wattles
GroundStar™ Soyl-Binder™ Straw mats YellowJacket
Hydro-Fiber™ Stik-II™ Temp Blankets EcoStakes«
Liquid & Soluble fertilizers Sediment Controls Turf Reinforcement Stakes - Wood
Paper Fiber   ShoreMax™ Staples
Wood Mulch   VMax3 CTRM® Tee Posts
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Plant Nutrition
Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium Micros
Ammonium Sulfate Treble Super 0-45-0 Potassium Nitrate Sulfur
Ammon. Phosphate Ammon. Phosphate Potassium Sulfate Zinc Oxide
Mono-Ammon. Phos. Mono-Ammon. Phos. Potassium Chloride Zinc Sulfate
di-Aammon. Phos. di-Aammon Phos.   Sodium Molybdate
Calcium Nitrate Bone Meal 2-14-0   Manganese Oxide
Urea 46-0-0 Rock Phosphate   Manganese Sulfate
SCU 39-0-0     Granusol Manganese
IBDU 31-0-0     Magnesium Sulfate
Ureaform 38-0-0     Granusol Magnesium
Methylene Urea 40-0-0     Ferrous Sulfate
AN 20 20-0-0     Iron Sulfate G
Potassium nitrate 13-0-44      Granusol Fe
Feather Meal 13-0-0     Copper Sulfate
PSCU 42-0-0     Solubor
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Nursery Golf & Turf Liquid Feed Soluble grades
Agrifolia™ Blends Agrifolia™ Blends Agrifolia™ 30-0-0 Calcium Nitrate
Apex Fairway Grades AN 20 Chelate
Grow More Greens Grades Cambria Grow More
Haifa Grow More Can 17 Miller
Monterey Lebanon Chelates Monterey
Osmocote Monterey Green-Gro™ Scotts / Peters
Scotts Organics JH BioTech Urea
Simplot Scotts UN 32  
Yara Simplot    
Slow Release Nitrogen Natural & Organic Bulk & Commodity Blended Nutrients
Agrifolia™ 30-0-0 Blood Meal AN 20 Nursery
Best Paks Bone Meal Calcium Nitrate Fairway
IBDU Cambria Can 17 Landscape
Methylene Urea Compost Compost Agriculture
UreaForm Feather Meal Humate Job Site
Plant Tabs Gro Power Gypsum / Lime Erosion Control
Polymer Coated Grow More Potassium Nitrate Revegetation
Resin Coated Monterey Soil Amendments Micro Nutrients
Sulfur Coated Sustain« UN 32  

Weed Controls, Plant Protectants, and Ag Chemical Products

Most chemicals and pesticides are sold only to professional and licensed end users Many products have more than one formulation.
Post Emergent Herbicides: Weed Controls Aquatic Herbicides
Accord Fusillade II Remedy AquaMaster
Accord XRT Garlon Renovate Aquathol
Alecto 41S Glyphosphate Reward Colorants
Amine 4 Goal 2XL Round-Up Dyes
Aquamaster GoalTender Roundup Quik Pro DWI F-Series
Arsenal Green match Scythe F-10 Foam Kill
Banvel Habitat Sedge Hammer F-20 Enviro-Clear
BurnOut Imazapyr Solicam DF F-30 Algae Control
Chateau Lontrel Speed Zone F-40 Enviro-Blue
Clarity Manage Stalker F-50 Bio-Pure
Clopyralid Mecomec Transline F-51 Sludge Reducer
Crossbow Milestone Triclopyr F-55 Bio-Zyme
Cutless MSMA Turflon Habitat
Diquat Oxyfluorfen Vanquish Harpoon
Drive Pathfinder II Velocity Komeen
Ecoexempt Payload Velpar Nautique
Ecomazapyr Plateau Weed Zap Reward
Ecotricopyr Poast Weedar 64 Sonar
Escort XP Quinclorac Weed-hoe  
Finale Me-II™ Generics Weedone  
Pre-Emergent Herbicides Spray Additives
V M and Industrial Turf, Landscape & Nursery Adjuvants & Spreaders Monterey Ag Resources
Atrazine Arrow Acidifiers Adjust Buffer
Barespot Barricade Activator 90 Break Through
Bromocil Casoron Agridex Buffer 10
Direx / Diuron Dimension 40 Ultra Ammonium Sulfate Buffercide
Dimension Dimension EW Bivert Can-Hance
Endurance Dithiopyr 40 WSB Blazon FoamAway
Gallery Gallery Buffers Mark it Blue
HyvarX-L MSM Turf Competitor Mark it Red
Karmex OH 2 Crop Oil MSO
Krovar IDF Oryzalin Drift Controls N F Activator
Landmark XP Oxadiazon 2G Hasten No Foam A
Matrix Oxadiazon 50 WSB Hi-Lite Blue No Foam B
Monobor Pendulum In-Place Perc O Late
Oryzalin Pendulum 2 G LI 700 Retail sizes
Oust Pendulum AquaCap Perspective™ Sta-Put
Pathfinder II Prodiamine 65 Pro-Spread Ultra 90 NF
Payload Regal 00 Reflect™  
Pendulum RegalKade G Reign Miller Chemical & Fertilizer
Plicoram Ronstar Sil Wet Exit
Princcep Sanpshot Silotec Foam Fighter
Prodiamine 65 Surflan Spray Aide Mist Control
SFM-75 2,4-D Tackifiers Nu Film 17
Spike Treflan Ultrex 90 Nu Film
Sprakil Tupersan Un-Foamer Spray Aide
Surflan Veto WECO R-11 Sustain™
Telar XL 2 G WECO R-56 Vapor Gard
Tordon Me-II Generics WECO Tri-Fol  

Plant Protectants
Insecticides for Outdoor Pest Control Miticides
Abamectin EC Endeavor Saf T Side Comite
Acephate Enstar II IGR Safer Conc. Floramite
Astro E-Pro Sature DM Mavrik Aquaflow
Avid FlagShip Sevin SL Safari 20
Azatin XL Hexygon DF Spectro 90 Sanmite 75 WP
Bifenthrin Horticultural oils Spinosad Vendex 50 WP
Botaniguard Imidacloprid Sporan Cinnamite
Carbaryl Malathion Strike  
Chlorpyrifos Marathon Sun Spray Oil  
Comite Me-II™ Generics Talstar MISC. Products
Consreve SC Merit Talus 40 SC Anti Stress
Diazinon Neem Tame 2.4 EC Disinfectants
Dimethoate Orthene Tempo Lime Sulfur
Discuss Pest Out TetraSan 5 WDG Nu Film
Distance IGR Pounce Triact 70 EC Spreader Stickers
Dursban Pylon Tristar 30 SG Tank Cleaner
Ecotrol EC Pyreth-It Wisdom  
PGRs Fungicides
Atrimec Agri-Mycin Fosetyl AL Plant Shield™
Bonzi Aliette WDG Heritage Propiconazole
Embark Banner Maxx Me-II™ Generics Ridomil
Ethephon Banol Ipro 2SE Rose Defense
Florel Captan Kaligreen Roveral
Hormex Champ II (copper) Kocide Rubigan
Hormodine Chipco 26GT Mefenoxam Subdue
Primo Chlorothalonil Mildew Cure Systec
Rapid Root Cleary's 3336 Monterey R-D 20 Terra Chlor
Sucker Stopper Copper Count N Naccosan Terra Guard
T-Nex Daconil PCNB Terra Zole
Dithane Rally Thiothanate Methyl
Fore Phyton 27 Tricoderma
Insecticides for Indoor Pest Control Glue Traps
Admire Cockroach Gel Bait Precor IGR Bell Labs
Baythroid Exciter Premise Mouse Traps
Bifentrhin Ficam QuickStrike CatchMaster
Brigade Gentrol Resmethrin Eaton
Catalyst Golden Marin Fly Bait SPI-Max Glue Boards
Conquer Imicide Stinger GoldStik« 12" & 24"
Cy-Kick Intruder HPX Strike 50 WDG Gopher Traps
Cynoff Invader Suspend Master Line
Cyonara Kicker Talstar Mole Traps
Delta Dust Killmaster Tempo Pheromone Trap
Demand CS Knox Out Termidor Rat Traps
Demize Max Force Ultracide Roach Traps
Demon Merit Virex Rodent traps
Diphacione Permethrin Virkon Snap Traps
Dragnet Preclude Zoecon Trapper
Ant Controls Mosquito Controls Aerosols Sprays Misc. Controls
Ant Bait Station Altosid PT Wasp & Hornet HavAhart Traps
Carpenter Ant Bait Scourge Pt Wasp Freeze (17.5oz)
Granular Ant Bait SkeeterAbate StingRay Light Traps
Amdro Vectobac Wasp and Hornet Spray
Fire Ant Bait Mosquito Dunks Wasp Freeze Fumitoxin
Ant Bait Gel Whitmier Products
Rodent Baits & Poisons Flying Insects Repellants & Baits
Ditrac PCQ Bait Musca Fly Bait, Insecticide Deadline Bullets MPS
Cholecalciferol Ramik Max Force Hinder
Contract Baits Rampage Invite Hot Sauce
Diphacinone blocks Rodent Rid Muscacide Last Call
Final Snap Traps Safer Yellow Jacket Bait Measurol
GLUE Boards Squirrel Bait Bee Mine™ (flower seed) Methaldehyde
Gopher Getter Talon   Mollus bait
Maki Talprid   Sluggo
Master Line Trapper   Snail-it
Niban ZP Rodent Baits Bait Stations  

Ag Crop Seed Bluegrass Fairway Blends Regional Mixes
Alfalfa California Natives Fescue Ryegrass
Athletic lawn Collected Native Seed Greens & Tees Sac Valley Mix II
Bee-Keeper™ Custom Blends Mychorizzea Spreaders
Bentgrass Erosion Control basic Native Grasses TurfGrass
Bird Seed Erosion Control plus Pasture Grasses Wild Flowers

Landscape, Nursery, Farm and Home
Garden & Farm Needs Hydroponics Apiary
Animal Bedding Planting mixes Beneficial Microbes Apiary Supplies
Bird Feeders Pond liner - Bentonite Greenhouse Supplies Attractants
Coconut Coir Erosion Controls Organic Nutrients Barrels (used)
Decorative Barks Soil Mixes Organic Pest Controls BEE Mine™ Seed Mix
Decorative Mulch Soil Staples Rockwool Bee Suits / Helmets
Drip Tubing (bulk only) Straw Blankets Rooting Hormone Hive Tools
Fence Rails Top Dress - golf & turf "Safe" Algae controls Pollination Service (local)
Liquid Fertilizer Tree Ties Shade Fabric Super Syrup™
Lodgepoles Weed Fabric Soluble Fertilizer Weed Controls

Hardware, Equipment and Safety Supplies
Hardware for Hydroseeders™ Sprayers Safety
Adapters Lay Flat Hose Back Pack Sprayers Eye protection
Bowie« Hex Nozzle Plastic Nozzles Birchmier Face Shields
Brass Nozzles Polymer Pumper™ Custom Built Rigs First Aid Kits
Clamps Reels Electro 25 gallon Gloves - Lab & Spray
Pipe Fittings Plastic Tanks Parts: TeeJet / PBM Gloves - Leather
Goat Throat« Pumps Tools Power spray rigs Goat Throat« Pumps
Hydrant wrench Used Equipment Spray Hose bulk & fitted Rubber Boots / Gloves
Kamlocks Safety Glasses TeeJet Nozzles Respirators
Hose End Nozzles Shrink Wrap Hypro Pumps Spray Suits

We sell a Toolbox™. There is no one product that will suffice for every job or site or satisfy every need. At times we may recommended a competing product because that is what the customer needs. We strive to offer a variety of materials to provide our customers the best results within their budget and always seek to build long term partnerships with. Both our suppliers and especially our customers.

Because many of the above products have more than one formulation, only the product name may be provided. Not all products are kept in inventory and we may propose an alternate brand from time to time. Always consult the individual product container label for the appropriate use information.

Certain products are restricted to professional end users and require a special license to purchase, no exceptions will be made. In some instance Linwood Supply, may at its own discretion refuse to sell a product to a licensed individual or company, if, in our opinion, that entity does not have sufficient experience or training to use the product properly and safely, or if the intended use is questionable.

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